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Gaming and Gambling: The Problem with Loot boxes

Gambling is a big issue in the UK with over 400,000 problem gamblers according to the Gambling Commission. Commonly, gambling is pictured as slot machines, race betting and so on, but now it’s becoming more prevalent in a new medium: gaming.

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Game Development: A Look into North East Indie Studio, Nosebleed Interactive

Newcastle is becoming widely regarded in the gaming industry as of late, perhaps one of its most well-known companies it houses is Ubisoft reflections responsible for many franchises including Assassins Creed. However, it also houses a selection of Independent games companies one of which being Nosebleed Interactive.

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Pirate Escape Venue Ventures Into VR

VR first came about in 2016 and whilst for some it was seen as a gimmick, destined to fail just like 3D TV’s its proved this year that its doing its best to stick around. This is seen clearly with businesses such as Pirate Escape based in Whitley Bay in the North East of England.

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PROTO: State of the art technology centre opens up in Gateshead

In recent years the city of Newcastle has been growing more and more as it seeks to become a digital city. Its tech sector is growing at a huge rate and amongst its businesses include indie studios like Nosebleed Interactive and larger games studios like Ubisoft Reflections. Recently a new technology centre has opened its doors called PROTO, aiming to bring Virtual and Augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence to businesses.

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Blaze Gaming Station: Keeping Kids Off The Street’s In Middlesbrough

A new Gaming Station was set up this year in Middlesbrough. The venue which features PS4's, Xbox's and PC's offers a wide variety of games for people of any age or gender. We paid the station a visit to find out a bit more about why it was set up and how it benefits the local young people.

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Games Causing Motion Sickness: Should developers take note?

Recently one of this generations most anticipated RPGS, CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 boldly announced it would be entirely first person. What followed was a surge of backlash from fans across the world but why?

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Podcast: What’s it like organising the Animex festival?

Animex is a festival of Games, Animation and VFX held annually at Teesside University. It features industry names from around the world who come to speak to students and the public about their work. Now in it's 20th year it shows no signs of slowing down.We sat down with Tim Brunton to discuss what the event entails, how its growing and what its like organising an event like this so sit back and tune into the podcast!

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Making Games Accessible: The Work of SpecialEffect

Video games can be used as a means of escapism for many of us. They can be a way to let off steam, have fun and relax but for those with disabilities access to this form of media can be a lot harder. One charity is working to change that and use games for the better.