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Podcast: Exploring Motion Capture Right Here in Teesside

Motion capture is becoming more and more popular in the games and animation industry with notable games utilising it including Uncharted and God of War.

Teesside University hosts its very own state of the art motion capture suite which students can utilise at any time whether that be for games or animation.

It features 18 cameras and has even captured the movements of dogs!

Gary Quinn is the motion capture manager at Teesside University and explained a bit more about how motion capture enhances animation in the podcast below:

this copy.jpg


Teesside University also run a host of impromptu workshops for students alongside running workshops for schools and collages at different levels.

You can find out more about Teesside University via their website.

Fancy enrolling on a games and animation course? You can learn more here.

(Featured Image – Teesside University)

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